Fall 2015
Hannes Bajohr
The Black Curve
Rut Hillarp
Cape Canaveral
Grégoire Bouillier
Grow a Pair
Joanna Walsh
Spring 2015
A Little Guide to the 15th Arrondissement for the Use of Phantoms
Roger Caillois
The Idea of a River
Paul Scraton
Suburban Wonder
Francis Tabouret
City Spaces
Annett Gröschner
Readux Series #5
Fall 2014
The Wall, the City, and the World
Eliot Weinberger
The Last House
Judith Keller
Dear A.
Inga Machel
Readux Series #4
Summer 2014
Cities and City People: Berlin, 1919
Arthur Eloesser
Berlin Triptych
David Wagner
Where the Hollyhocks Come From
Amanda Svensson
Hong Kong Buffet
Brittani Sonnenberg
Spring 2014
Adrian Todd Zuniga
When the Heart Drowns in Its Own Blood
Philipp Schönthaler
The Lesson
Cilla Naumann
Picnic of the Virtues
Felicitas Hoppe
Series #1 and 2
Fall 2013
In Berlin
Franz Hessel
The Marvel of Biographical Bookkeeping
Francis Nenik
Malte Persson
City of Rumor
Gideon Lewis-Kraus
Readux Series #1