A Little Guide to the 15th Arrondissement for the Use of Phantoms
Roger Caillois
The Idea of a River
Paul Scraton
Suburban Wonder
Francis Tabouret
City Spaces
Annett Gröschner
The Swedish Series
Readux Series #3
Readux Series #2

Readux Books individually publishes short works of literature, in translation and as English originals. We release a set of teeny books three times yearly.


  • We've just announced the winners of our New German Fiction contest! Congrats to Sasha Macht and Marie... http://t.co/h5eBTSqv8C
  • Come to Vagabund Brauerei Sunday to see Paul Scraton read from The Idea of a River! http://t.co/baJoguqccd
  • Big task for little books!